We have two private and one semi-private room in Farringdon and one large private room in London Bridge. With a choice of rooms, impeccable service and congenial hospitality, we have every need covered, from business and corporate meetings, to drinks and canapé receptions, private wine and/or cheese tastings, parties, engagements and even weddings, for which you can hire the entire restaurant.

We also offer special discounted wine prices for events held in our named wine rooms – the Roederer, Allende and Meerlust rooms – if you choose only wines on our list from the room’s winemaker. Their wines are fantastic, so this offers you a unique opportunity to treat your guests at amazing prices!

Enquiries & Booking

Please contact our head receptionist to discuss your requirements and show you round the venue.
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Private Dining Pack

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Our Private Rooms

ROEDERER (Farringdon)


The smaller of the fully private rooms is located in the mezzanine area and has an exclusivity to it just like the Champagne house it is named after.

Diners are seated around a beautiful oak table and it has its own champagne cellar and private bar.


Standing: 25 guests

Seating: 12 guests (private)

ALLENDE (Farringdon)


One of our two cellar rooms, it is situated in the basement adjacent to the impressively stocked walk-in wine cellars.

The Allende room is the largest of our Farringdon rooms. This semi-private space pays homage to the wines of one of our most characterful winemakers from Rioja. Miguel Angel de Gregario produces outstanding Finca Allende wines, which are offered in sizes ranging from 750ml to magnificent 18-litre bottles.


Standing: 60 guests

Seating: 54 guests (semi-private)

MEERLUST (Farringdon)


Through the Allende room, separated by the wine cellars, the fully private Meerlust room is named after the award-winning South African wine producer. It has wood flooring, atmospheric lighting, and you are surrounded by thousands of bottles of ageing, great wines.

The Meerlust and adjacent Allende can be booked together resulting in a fully private area. This is great for groups that wish to have two separate spaces, for example, one for pre-dinner drinks and the other for dinner.

And don’t forget, in the Roederer, Allende or Meerlust rooms, if you choose exclusively the winemaker’s wine from our list you will get special discounted prices!


Standing: 50 guests / divided: 25 guests

Seating: 40 guests (private) / divided: 20 guests

THE CELLAR ROOM (London Bridge)


The Cellar Room at London Bridge is a large private room situated below the main restaurant. It is an airy room, with great lighting and is next to the fabulous walk-in wine cellar; an excellent space for bigger events.


Standing: 80 guests

Seating: 65 guests (private)

Private Tastings

Whether it’s wine or cheese or both, private tastings for groups of 12/15 or more people are available at both our branches. Prices depend on the number of people attending and which wines you choose to taste. Please provide us with your budget, what type of tasting you are interested in and dates and number of people, and we will prepare a tasting proposal and check availability. The following are five of our tasting packages, offering a wide array of options, but please contact us if you are looking for something else and we will find something to suit your requirements.


How can the same grape variety make wines that are completely different? Comparing classic French wines with those emerging from South Africa, we will look at similarities and differences and discuss the factors that play a part in creating the final wine.


Love cheese? Love wine? Take a trip with us down the Vivat Bacchus hall of fame, where we will pull out some of our favourites to share with you. Our sommelier and cheese experts will create delicious pairings – you’ll find it hard to decide which is your favourite match!


Paying homage to Vivat Bacchus’ roots, come and say “Cheers” with us as we take you on a tour of the Cape. We’ll sample wines from five or six different regions, including some of the biggest names in South Africa, whilst learning about South Africa’s signature grapes along the way.


Around the world in eighty(-ish!) minutes. Join us for a whirlwind tour of the world, raising your glass to some world-class icons, without having to leave the table. And for cheese lovers, you can add cheese pairings to the package – just let us know! Don’t forget your passport…


Come and learn about blending wines – an everyday activity for the wine maker but here you get to try it yourself. We will give you a master class in Bordeaux and the art behind their famous blends, but with a South African twist of course!

Call us at Farringdon on 020 7353 2648 and at London Bridge on 020 7234 0891 to discuss.


Party Menus

We want you to be perfectly happy with your event. If you would like to avoid hassle, just choose from the delectable options in our set private hire canapé or dinner menus which can be found in our private dining pack. However, all of the menus can be amended and tailored to your needs, so please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss specific preferences and requirements.

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Please fill in the below form or email [email protected] for general enquiries as well as enquiries regarding private parties and events. Kindly specify which branch your enquiry pertains to (Farringdon or London Bridge).
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