Cheese & wine tasting: Strange & spooky cheese

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28th October 2019


London Bridge

£20 pp

In celebration of Halloween we’re tempting you with five unusual but very tasty cheeses – there’s even one that looks like a brain! Each cheese will be paired with a matching wine.

Sainte-Maure de Touraine
Strange on the outside; mild and rich on the inside. This Loire Valley goat’s cheese has a grey appearance due to the charcoal ash dusting, inside the pate is a creamy white.

Maroilles (pronounced “mar-wahl”)
Ancient and pungent, but not overpowering, the origins of this washed-rind cheese date back to the 7th Century. With its soft butter texture and mellow nutty taste it’s a real delight. The pungent aroma from the washed rind does not overpower the flavours.

This cheese makes a statement with its orange, sticky, herb coated rind and the fact it is made from Caerphilly cheese, washed in wine and marinated in mint and verbena. Fruity, silky and spicy – yum!

Oakwood smoked farmhouse cheddar
A wonderful smoked cheddar from Ford Farm in Dorset. Smoked using traditional methods and pumpkin coloured; smoulderingly delicious – perfect for autumn!

Spooky in appearance but melt-in-the-mouth in taste… Outwardly it’s said to look like a blue brain but don’t let that put you off – it’s a gem of a blue cheese; smooth, with intense, piquant flavours.

No experience needed; we’ll guide you through tasting these delectable cheeses, telling you all about them and the matching wines.

IMPORTANT INFO: If you wish to be seated with someone who has purchased their tickets separately, please contact us to let us know, otherwise we cannot guarantee that you will be seated together on the night.

What better way to end this event than getting 15% off your bill (valid for both food and wine) if you stay for dinner afterwards.


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